• 13

    % (sqm) of portfolio certified as a sustainable building1

  • 19.4

    Investment in sustainability(Capex)

  • 0.33
    Gj/sqm GLA

    Energy intensity of the portfolio

  • 0.034

    Portfolio Greenhouse Gas emissions

  • 0.46
    m3/sqm GLA

    Portfolio water consumption


In 2016, Axiare Patrimonio embarked on its sustainability certification action plan. To date, it has certified three office buildings, which following their refurbishment, achieved LEED Gold certification and four logistics assets that have been awarded the BREEAM In-Use certification. These certifications mean that 13% of the Company’s portfolio is certified (in terms of sqm).

A further 65% of the portfolio is currently in certification process, meaning that over the next two years Axiare Patrimonio will have successfully certified 78% of its portfolio4. Some assets are not included in the Certifications Plan either as a result of the Company’s plans for the property in the short-term or the considerable investment that would be required to obtain LEED or BREEAM certifications.

Certification action plan for Axiare Patrimonio’s property portfolio (%)


Energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

Axiare Patrimonio efficiently manages the energy consumption of its properties across their entire life cycle, from their construction or refurbishment, through to their day-to-day operation.

Pursuant to the requirements of Royal Decree 235/2013, Axiare Patrimonio has assessed the energy rating of its property portfolio (excluding any properties undergoing refurbishment or construction), determining that 47% of its portfolio (in sqm) has an energy efficiency rating above D.

Measures are being put in place to upgrade the energy efficiency of properties that are currently undergoing refurbishment and of new-build properties, for example, installing energy-saving lighting, automatic daylight control sensors, motion sensors, more efficient HVAC systems and systems to regulate temperatures and ventilation air-flow.

Measures are also being put in place to improve the energy performance in operational buildings, such as replacing installations, continual monitoring, and training maintenance personnel. By taking these measures, energy consumption is being controlled and monitored.

Energy rating of Axiare Patrimonio’s portfolio (%)

In 2016, the actual energy consumption of Axiare Patrimonio’s properties reached 158,691 GJ, 59% of which related to office buildings, and 41% to logistics warehouses. This equates to an energy intensity of 0.63 GJ per sqm for offices, and 0.20 GJ per sqm for logistics warehouses.

Axiare Patrimonio’s portfolio energy consumption in 2016 (GJ)

As well as tracking the energy consumption of its properties, Axiare Patrimonio is also monitoring the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions produced by fuel consumption (Type 1) and by electricity consumption (Type 2). In 2016, the total GHG emissions (Type 1 and Type 2) produced by Axiare Patrimonio’s properties rose to 16,204 tCO2eq, equating to 0.034 tCO2eq/sqm.

GHG emissions produced by Axiare Patrimonio’s portfolio in 2016 (tCO2eq)