Axiare Patrimonio was first listed on the Continuous Market of the Madrid Stock Exchange on 9 July 2014, and after its first full fiscal year, it has positioned itself as one of the leading Spanish SOCIMIs (sociedades cotizadas de inversión en el mercado inmobiliario or “listed companies for investment in the property market,” similar to REITs). Axiare Patrimonio was founded at an ideal point in the market cycle for offering a differential value of high profitability to investors wishing to make strong plays on the recovery of the Spanish real estate sector. Since its launch in 2014, Axiare Patrimonio has maintained a clear strategy of creating value for its shareholders by means of disciplined investment and active management of properties. To execute this strategy, the company relies on a management team with long experience (together totalling more than 100 years in the sector), which runs the business internally and on an exclusive basis. This team has demonstrated exceptional ability in implementing the strategy:
  • Identifying off-market opportunities;
  • Investing more than €760 million at very attractive prices;
  • Putting together a portfolio in accordance with that established in the strategy;
  • Increasing occupancy rates and rental returns on the assets;
  • And generating value for the shareholders.
Axiare Patrimonio’s business consists in the acquisition of real estate properties and leasing them out. The objective pursued by Axiare Patrimonio is to add value to the property and maximise its operating efficiency and profitability, with the aim of attracting greater cash flows and revaluation which will translate into attractive returns for shareholders. By means of solid and disciplined investment it has positioned itself as the SOCIMI of reference in the Spanish office market. At the end of 2015, its portfolio was valued at €859 million, of which 72% were offices located in the most established areas of Madrid and Barcelona. The company’s objective as regards investment is to have a portfolio of class A or potentially class A assets consisting of offices (70%), logistical assets (about 20%) and other retail assets (10%). We improve the quality of our buildings, creating attractive, healthy and therefore productive spaces, which reduce absenteeism and employee turnover and help us to retain talent. Furthermore, we are committed to society and we aim to turn our buildings into sustainable spaces, reducing CO emissions and saving costs for our tenants. In this respect Axiare Patrimonio has an ambitious plan to have 90% of its office buildings LEED certified in the next three years. For retail parks and logistics platforms the certification will be BREEAM. Its strategy of value creation enables it to gain access to great opportunities with little competition.  

We are demonstrating a unique ability to identify opportunities in the market and succeed in creating core products by means of active management of our buildings