Notice of call to the General Shareholders Meeting  

Number of shares and voting rights

Number of shares and voting rights


Resolution proposals

Item One.- Approval of 2014 Financial Statements Item Two.- Allocation of Results Item Three.- Approval of the conduct of business by the Board of Directors Item Four.- Approval of Directors’ compensation Item Five.- Change of corporate name Item Six.- Capital increase delegation (5 years) Item Seven.- Issuance of convertibles Item Eight.- Capital increase Item Nine.- Acquisition of treasury stock Item Ten.- Amendment of the bylaws Item Eleven.- Amendment of the Shareholders Meeting’s Regulations Item Twelve.- Approval of the Incentives Plan Item Thirteen.- Reduction of period for extraordinary Shareholders Meetings Item Fourteen.- Consultative vote on the Report on Directors’ Remuneration Item Fifteen.- Delegation of Powers to the Board of Directors to implement resolutions  

Directors’ reports

Directors’ report on Item Six Directors’ report on Item Seven Directors’ report on Item Eight Directors’ report on Item Ten Directors’ report on Item Eleven Director’s report on Item Twelve  

2014 Financial report

Audit Report and Annual Accounts 2014

Other reports

2014 Report on Corporate Governance Explanatory note on the Corporate Government Report. 2014 Report on Directors’ Remuneration (Item 14 of the Agenda)

Right to information

Right to information

Direct channel


Procedure for appointing proxy and for distance voting

Grant of proxies and voting using means of distance communication Attendance, Proxy and Distance Voting Card  

Bylaws and regulations in force

Company bylaws Regulations of the General Shareholders Meeting Regulations of the Board of Directors  

Electronic Forum

Regulations of the Electronic Forum Access to Electronic Forum  

Significant Information

Link to Axiare’s Significant Information Announcements  


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