Share and Equity Capital

The capital of Axiare Patrimonio consists of 71,874,988 shares, subscribed and paid officially listed on the continuous market on the Spanish Stock Exchanges (Madrid , Barcelona , Bilbao and Valencia).

Analyst opinion

Entity Date Rating Target Price
Santander 23.06.15 Buy 12,98
Prior to Capital Raise
JB Capital 25.03.15 Buy 15.00
Sabadell 20.05.15 Buy 12.9
Fidentis 03.02.15 Buy 12.33
Ahorro Corporación 10.02.15 Hold 11.00

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Communication Channels

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Axiare Patrimonio is a newly incorporated company and will provide this information as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Significant Shareholdings

Axiare’s shares are represented by book entry and, accordingly, it is not possible to ascertain precisely the shareholders’ ownership interests in the company’s share capital, unless they notify this information directly or publish it by applying the provisions of current legislation governing significant shareholdings, which makes it mandatory to report ownership interests exceeding 3%.
On the basis of the information made public to the Spanish National Securities Market Commission, the significant shareholdings are as follows:
Notificaciones de derechos de voto Notificaciones de instrumentos financieros
% de derechos de voto % de derechos de voto a
Denominación % Directo % Indirecto % Total F.Registro Entrada CNMV Notif. Anter. adquirir en caso de ejercicio (3) F.Registro Entrada CNMV Notif. Anter.
BARCLAYS BANK PLC 0.000 4.214 4.214 16/07/2014
CITIGROUP GLOBAL MARKETS LIMITED 9.165 0.000 9.165 16/07/2014
DEUTSCHE BANK, A.G. 6.282 0.000 6.282 23/04/2015
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 0.000 5.804 5.804 16/07/2014
PERRY PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL INC. 0.000 19.441 19.441 21/05/2015
T. ROWE PRICE ASSOCIATES, INC 0.000 10.074 10.074 24/07/2014
TAUBE HODSON STONEX PARTNERS LLP 0.000 11.109 11.109 10/07/2014
THE GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP, INC. 0.000 3.020 3.020 25/05/2015

Articles of Association

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