• The Spanish REIT receives the accolade from tech firm SAP, for its new end-to-end management solution recently implemented to bolster growth.
  • Axiare’s new management tool was developed in collaboration with the consultancy firm Everis, with the aim of significantly reducing the timeframes of key business processes, optimising data analysis and decision making.
  • Axiare Patrimonio opted to create an end-to-end SAP based management system, which allows it to meet the exacting standards of excellence and monitoring that define the company, that currently manages a rental property portfolio of €1,740 million.
Madrid, 14 December 2017. Axiare Patrimonio, the Spanish REIT (Socimi) headed up by Luis López de Herrera-Oria, has further consolidated its growth model after implementing a new SAP based fully-integrated management tool for its rental property portfolio, which received the Silver Innovation Award at this year’s SAP Quality Awards. The Socimi, which since its listing in 2014 has raised a rental property portfolio valued at €1,740 million, is committed to consolidating its management model; one of the defining factors behind Axiare’s ability to create added value, a company which is renowned in the sector for its streamlined structure and standards of excellence and monitoring. This new technological solution, allows both the Axiare team, as well as the different parties involved in the administration of the property portfolio, to work directly on one data platform; thereby building a real-time database that provides accurate and reliable property management information. This project has allowed the company to successfully meet the objectives set: achieve more efficient and shorter timeframes for key business processes, improve the monitoring and traceability of information, reduce resources required to manage documentation, cut invoicing and payment times, and as a result, provide the company’s management team with an in-depth analytical tool to help make better-informed decisions. Axiare Patrimonio’s CEO, Luis López de Herrera-Oria, confirmed: “This new technological solution that we have implemented, allows us to focus all of our resources on data analysis for business information and decision making, and maximises our management team’s potential to boost the company’s growth and create value” Whilst the management tool was in the process of being developed and implemented, Axiare was invited to take part in the Awards process. The judging panel at the SAP Quality Awards, primarily valued the company’s initiative, the direct relationship it had with the Everis consultancy team, which enabled it to achieve its objectives and implement the solution in just 7 months, the involvement of the different collaborating companies, which had to migrate data from different IT systems to Axiare’s platform and the application of the SAP Real Estate Flexible Module. Chío Triviño, Financial Controller at Axiare Patrimonio, added: “After carrying out an in-depth study, we decided that SAP Real Estate Flexible was the only solution that took into consideration the specific scenarios of a rental property company and met our exacting requirements. SAP has traditionally been the go-to financial base for large companies, and with the new Real Estate module, we have enhanced the data capacity and process automation that the traditional module already offered”. Axiare Patrimonio is renowned in the Spanish real estate sector for both its drive to innovate and the quality of its rental properties. Proof of this are properties such as VIRTO, the first cognitive voice-controlled office building in the world, and Luca de Tena 14, which boasts the highest LEED certification of any of the Spanish Socimis About Axiare Patrimonio: Axiare Patrimonio is a Spanish company that has been listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange as a SOCIMI (Sociedad Anónima Cotizada de Inversión Inmobiliaria), since July 9, 2014. Its primary activity is the identification of investment opportunities in the Spanish real estate market and the creation of a prime property portfolio with strong potential value uplift that provides an attractive yield for its shareholders. The company’s value creation strategy is based on the active management of its portfolio, carried out by an expert team solely dedicated to this task – in order to maximise its quality, occupancy and value and transform the properties in to the leading schemes in their catchment area. Axiare Patrimonio’s investment activity is focused on the acquisition of Grade A office buildings – or that have the potential to be – in the CBD and the most sought after business districts in Madrid and Barcelona; logistics platforms on the main distribution highways and retail schemes in established areas in Spain. Axiare Patrimonio forms part of EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) and is the first rental property portfolio company on the stock exchange to be regulated by RICS in Spain. As well as defining and setting out the highest international professional standards, RICS aims to lead the way in terms of identifying solutions to the main challenges faced by the sector through professional expertise. About RICS: RICS is a global professional body. It promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. Our name promises the consistent delivery of standards – bringing confidence to the markets we serve. The work of our professionals creates a safer world: we are proud of our profession’s reputation and we guard it fiercely.   T +351 91 370 51 19 – E ricsespana@rics.org – www.rics.org