• Axiare Patrimonio obtains a LEED® CS Platinum certification, ranking this year’s no.1 in Spain and no.3 in the world in terms of LEED point score.
  • Axiare achieves the best environmental certification: LEED® CS Platinum, following the full-scale refurbishment of its office building JILT14, in Madrid.
  • JILT14 becomes one of Spain’s Top 2 most sustainable office buildings and ranks first in Spain and third in the world in terms of the certifications awarded in 2017.
  • The JILT14 building is Spain’s most energy efficient LEED® CS Platinum certified property.
  • Following the refurbishment, JILT14 is already 74.5% occupied, with the company expecting to hit 100% occupancy by the end of the year. The occupancy rate across Axiare Patrimonio’s entire portfolio, currently stands at 93.4%.
Madrid, December 12, 2017. Axiare Patrimonio, the first Socimi to be regulated by RICS in Spain, continues working to raise the value of its property portfolio. The company headed up by Luis López de Herrera-Oria has once again excelled, obtaining another LEED® CS Platinum certification for its rental property portfolio, thanks to the company’s exacting asset management and quality standards, which were key in the full-scale refurbishment of the JILT14 building, located at Calle Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena 14. The JILT14 refurbishment works started in 2016 and in less than a year, Axiare Patrimonio has successfully managed to reposition the property. After being acquired vacant, the building is currently 74% occupied, and the company is currently engaged in negotiations that would take its occupancy up to 100%, in the coming weeks. The LEED® CS Platinum classification is the highest sustainable building certification awarded by the US Green Building Council, an international authority in the real estate sector. Axiare Patrimonio already obtained a LEED® CS Platinum certification in its portfolio last July, at its DRC84 office building, located in Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood. Both office buildings rank first and second in terms of the LEED® certifications awarded in 2017. The JILT14 office building obtained 92 points (out of 110) in the LEED® CS Platinum certification, placing it in the number one spot in terms of the buildings certified in 2017 by LEED in Spain, and third in the world ranking, although first if only buildings managed by a Socimi are taken into consideration JILT14, which is located opposite the new headquarters owned by Banco Santander, is also Spain’s most energy efficient LEED® CS Platinum building. The achievement of the highest score in this matter is thanks to several measures implemented, such as: its three new low-transmission glass façades added as part of the architectural redesign and which allow ample natural light into the property, a VRV air-conditioning system with state-of-the-art heat recovery, and the installation of a smart LED perimeter light regulating system on all the building’s floors. The value-add strategy that Axiare Patrimonio implements across its property portfolio is founded on a strong commitment to investment and management, which thereby allows it to reposition its properties in record time and raise its rents, even above market average. By doing this, it is able to offer substantial returns to its shareholders, as well as greater operational efficiency and better workspaces for its tenants. The occupancy rate of Axiare Patrimonio’s property portfolio currently stands at 93.4% and the shareholders that bought into the Socimi when it was first listed have benefited from a value uplift of over 80% in the share price in less than three and a half years. Luis López de Herrera-Oria, CEO of Axiare Patrimonio, stated: “We are extremely pleased to have reached this new milestone, one that pays testament to both Axiare Patrimonio’s commitment to environmental sustainability and our management team’s exacting standards of quality. The sound planning of the construction work completed at JILT14 and the successful result achieved, have allowed us to reposition and let the building in record time, creating value uplift for our shareholders”. The project’s property manager, Pablo de Castro, highlighted that: “At JILT14, we had a very good starting block: a property with great potential, located opposite a new-build corporate headquarters, with 1,800 sqm open-plan floors that needed to be completely modernised and updated. Right from the very start of the building work, we were fully aware of the sustainability component; from the management of construction work waste through to the irrigation and perimeter lighting systems. This was a comprehensive and challenging project that required careful planning in terms of both investment and time-scales”. HoMuProject provided the LEED® and technical consultancy for the full-scale redesign of the JILT14 building. The refurbishment project was completed by Tetris: JLL’s Design and Construction arm. The LEED® certification for Luca de Tena 14 was awarded for the Core & Shell, a specific category often encompassing buildings that have been refurbished, and whose interiors are occupied by tenants.