Axiare Patrimonio’s property portfolio is comprised of prime office buildings located in the most consolidated areas, which have registered the highest rental and investment activity over the past few property cycles: Campo de las Naciones, Arroyo de la Vega and Madrid and Barcelona’s Central Business Districts (CBD). Approximately 20% of the funds raised have been allocated to logistics platforms located alongside Spain’s most important highways, such as the Madrid-Barcelona highway and periphery areas outside of Barcelona and Seville. Axiare Patrimonio has also diversified in the retail sector and has acquired a limited number of retail properties.
The company’s policy is to invest in highly consolidated areas that will perform well when the economy improves, in order to achieve higher returns in the shortest period of time possible. Axiare Patrimonio strategically invests in properties whose prices are below replacement value and are excellent opportunities, when taking in to consideration historic prices. The management of the properties is aimed at improving the quality, efficiency, income and sustainability of the properties, with particular emphasis on improving tenant loyalty and cash-flow stability.